Adult Literacy Education Core Curriculum (ALECC)

ALECC is a core curriculum for new and experienced adult educators developed by the New York State Department of Education. ALECC is a comprehensive basic professional development program consisting of 7 sessions totaling 24 course hours, supplemented by Internet-based discussions and assignments. Starting this year(2010), it will be mandatory for all new adult literacy instructors in New York State-funded adult literacy programs.

ALECC Module 1 PreWorkshop Materials

ALECC Module 1 Workshop Materials

The following links are for the complete Overview Manual and the PowerPoints used as part of each module. These files contain multiple graphics. Opening one will take several minutes, even with a high-speed connection.

Overview Manual (2.6MB)

I. Introduction to Adult Literacy Education (4.4MB) (6 hrs)

II. Digital Literacy: Accessing Resources Online (1.6MB) (3 hrs)
III. Valuing Diversity (3.8MB) (3 hrs)
IV.The Art and Science of Teaching Reading to Adults (2.9MB) (3 hrs)
V.Teaching English to Adult Speakers of Other Languages (5.5MB) (3 hrs)
VI.Teaching Numeracy and Quantitative Literacy to Adults (3.6MB) (3 hrs)
VII. Indicators of Program Quality (2.2MB) (3 hrs)