BTOP - Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

New York State is part of a five-state partnership that received a 30 month federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant through the US Department of Commerce. This partnership was facilitated by Central Southern Tier Regional Adult Education Network (RAEN) and Cayuga Community College, under the direction of James Matt. The BTOP grant is designed to coordinate digital literacy and broadband services to adult literacy students located in 18 Literacy Zones across New York State. The grant will also ensure there will be collaborative opportunities built within each Literacy Zone to sustain broadband technology beyond the grant period.

The BTOP grant will utilize the online learning tool, Learner Web, to facilitate the lessons on digital literacy. Learner Web was developed under a research grant through Portland State University under the direction of Steve Reder, a national research analyst. An important hallmark of the Learner Web system is its emphasis on providing self-paced online learning and the face-to-face support of trained tutors. Central Southern Tier RAEN has partnered with Literacy New York who maintains a corps of volunteers located in 35 affiliate agencies throughout New York State. Literacy New York will coordinate ample distribution of volunteer tutors in each Literacy Zone.

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BTOP Project Approach: Learner-directed progress with Tutor support

Reaching out to target populations

Bilingual tutor-facilitated support

Learner Web: Self access & self-paced learning

Customized learning pathways


BTOP Learning Plans:

Internet Skills:  How Do Computers Work?

Internet Skills:  How Does the Internet Work?

Internet Skills:  How Can You Find What You Want Online?

Internet Skills:  How Do You Use Email?

Internet Skills:  What Can You Put Online?

Internet Skills:  How Can You Stay Safe Online?

Internet Skills:  Who Else Can You Meet Online?

Learn About Broadband:  What Is It?

Learn About Broadband:  How Can You Be a Savvy Consumer?

Learn About Broadband:  Do You Need a Computer?

Learn About Broadband:  How Do You Prepare to Buy Broadband Internet?

Practice Your Internet Skills

To explore the BTOP learning plans for yourself, go to Simply click on Create an Account and follow the prompts to begin your journey into the world of BTOP. Or to view a printable sample, click here.


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