Learning Disabilities


  • ADA Northeast Center
  • ADA Information Line
    800-514-0301 (voice) 800-514-0383 (TDD)
  • Department of Justice ADA Website
    For requirements under the ADA and for clear explanations of various provisions of the ADA, this site offers information and links to helpful material.
  • Office of Disability Employment Policy
    This website provides information on employment policy issues for people with disabilities. It also has information on recruiting, hiring and retaining employees with disabilities. Categories include Youth, Employment Supports, and information on the workforce.
  • Job Accommodations Network
    This site gives advice on accommodation implementation, model job interview procedures and associated materials.
  • Workforce One Centers
    This site provides information to businesses, workers and job seekers that will enable them to access and better understand the system. It also provides access to information, technical assistance, resources and funding opportunities that will enable local workforce investment area staff, one-stop partners and other workforce professionals to help build a better workforce development system.
  • Cornell Northeast ADA & IT Center
    This site includes relevant state and local laws and codes. The ADA & IT Center can provide an on-site Access Survey, has a technical support section, and supplies quarterly technical bulletins as well as other written material.
  • National Organization on Disability
    A general website on disability issues, national activity and accommodations.
  • New York State Commission on Human Rights
    This commission can help people with disabilities who think they may have been discriminated against in housing, employment and education. This is also a good website with information to help people with disabilities understand their rights.



The Learning to Achieve series provides practitioners with practical strategies developed within the learning disabilities community that work for all of our learners.

In-person trainings are offered through your local RAEN. Session Modules include:

  • Definition of Learning Disabilities - Focuses on describing the consensus and controversies in the definition of LD, as well as their practical application.
  • Legal Issues, Self-Disclosure, and Confidentiality - Focuses on identifying the legal, self-disclosure and confidentiality issues relevant to adults with LD and service providers working with them.
  • Accommodations - Defines and clarifies accommodations for learners with disabilities.
  • Written Expression Disabilities - Focuses on LD that affect writing and offers strategies to help all adult learners improve writing skills.
  • Reading Disabilities - Covers the considerations and strategies for working with adults with LD and all adult learners who struggle with reading.
  • Neuroscience - Explore latest brain research as it relates to LD.
  • Explicit Instruction for Strategy Learning - Covers how explicit instruction can be used to help adults with LD and all learners develop strategies to learn.
  • Content Learning - Covers instructional approaches that can help adults with LD and all struggling learners learn content from written materials.
  • Learning Disabilities and English Language Learners - Takes a look at the latest research and information around ELLs and LD.
  • Self-Determination - Considers how service providers can support adults with LD and all adult learners in developing self-determination to achieve their goals.
  • Workforce - Focuses on practical strategies educators can use to help adults with LD and all adult learners develop effective skills for finding and retaining employment.
  • Professionals Guide - Explores evidence-based resource developed to help practitioners improve their practice.
  • Learning To Achieve: Online Module Access