NYSED is requesting that BOTH WIOA and ALE programs use the same Program Component Worksheets (I have also reattached them to this email).  Programs must also submit their FS10 for the upcoming FY2017/2018.  The form is located on the NYSED website through this link: http://www.oms.nysed.gov/cafe/forms




















  • New_York_State_Targets
  • NRS Exit Quarters and Outcome Quarters
  • NRS Performance Target 2010-11    NOTE: These are the new NRS Targets for FY10/11 for New York State.  They should not be confused with the NYS Benchmarks listed on the Program Evaluation Reports and Report Cards.  Although correct, these NRS Targets are for New York State and are set on a Federal level.  Our NY policy guides us in adjusting our benchmarks at the program level. Please refer to your Program Evaluation Report for these benchmarks.  Any questions regarding these targets, please refer to Rosemary Matt, NYS Director of Accountability.  Email rosemary.matt@cayuga-cc.edu