National Work Readiness Credentialing process:

The National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC) is a test designed to determine if candidates have the skills they need to enter the workforce. A wide variety of workers, supervisors, managers, businesses, and government agencies have worked together to determine what a person needs to know to be a successful employee. The NWRC shows that the person who earns it by passing this test has demonstrated knowledge and skills important to successful employment in entry-level positions. A student, job seeker, or worker who earns the NWRC will have a national, transferable certification of skills and knowledge in entry-level employment.



May 2016

NYSED has announced that our WIOA partner, the NY State Department of Labor is providing the National Work Readiness Credentialing test at NO cost to our students.  In the past, NYSDOL provided opportunities for a reduced cost for the test, this time, the test is being offered at NO cost but the students must complete the testing by September 30, 2016.  There are several Adult Education Programs across the state that offer this curriculum and credentialing process.  Please let your RAEN director know as soon as possible if you are interested in more details regarding this offer.