Important Updates TASC™ test:


TASC Score Delay from NYSED

To: NYS Test Centers and Preparation Programs,

DRC launched forms GHI at the end of September.  The launch was largely successful and we thank you for your support and patience during the transition.

There are some changes and minor issues. Previously only the Writing subtest was scored by a reviewer.  Now there is a constructed response question on the Social Studies subtest that also must be scored by hand. 

SED must now also process GHI records alternately due to DRC changes.  Individual review and new processes are causing a slightly longer turnaround time for test results.

The SED Status Report webpage, continues to indicate that a tester should expect to see a diploma or transcript in 6-8 weeks from the date of testing.  This continues to be a reasonable time expectation.  Testers may also review their unofficial scores in the DRC portal, provided the tester has created a free account.

We ask that you please inform testers to plan accordingly.

Testers, who have not received a transcript or record after 8 weeks, should contact the NYSED HSE Office Hotline (518-474-5906).



TASC Test GHI Refresher Sessions 

Data Recognition Corporation|CTB invites our TASC Test Centers in IN, NJ, NY, and WV to attend a short review of the preparation steps for the upcoming September 26th launch of GHI and the DRC INSIGHT™ testing engine. An overview and checklist will be presented. Select a one hour long live webinar from the available dates/times shown below. Please choose only one session to attend.


Live Sessions

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 

10:00 AM Eastern



Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2:00 PM Eastern



Thursday, September 22, 2016

10:00 AM Eastern



Thursday, September 22, 2016

2:00 PM Eastern 



If you have any questions, please contact the TASC Test Help Desk:


TASC Test Help Desk

Toll-free telephone: 888.282.0589

Toll-free fax: 877.800.9389






August 26, 2016


Dear New York Test Center Coordinator:


As you know, DRC recently delivered the TASC Test GHI Coordinator Kits to your center. If you have not received the Kit, please contact our Helpdesk using the contact information below. Our ongoing technical and operational training sessions have been well-attended, and more training opportunities and resources will continue to be made available for test center personnel. 

We have received valuable input from our training sessions. Most significantly, sites have communicated they need more time to prepare for the transition to GHI. In addition, our DRC quality control team would like to expand their rigorous review process to more thoroughly test the scoring and reporting systems.


New “Go Live” Date

DRC’s goal is to ensure that your center and examinees have the best testing experience possible. Based on this goal and our recent feedback, DRC is announcing a new “Go Live” release for TASC Test GHI as September 26, 2016.


Important: Continue to schedule the TASC Test as far into future months as needed. The registration system will automatically reassign any scheduled tests from forms DEF to GHI beginning September 26, 2016.

  • There is no change to current programs and processes—centers will continue to schedule and utilize TASC Test forms D, E and F for computer and paper based testing.
  • Test Centers will receive their shipment of TASC Test GHI test booklets and answer documents around September 14.  Please keep these materials secure.
  • Do not use GHI until the new Go Live” date of September 26, 2016. Keep testing with forms DEF until September 26.
  • Centers should not return D, E and F paper tests and answer documents until after September 26, 2016.
  • DRC will schedule refresher webinar training one week before the new GHI release for your participation.
  • Do not schedule a test session that starts before September 26 and ends after September 26. If the Test Center has already done this, please work with the Helpdesk to reschedule all tests so that the test session is completed before September 26, 2016, or begins on or after that date.



DEF and GHI Blueprints are now available (April 2016):



Ongoing Transition to TASC Test GHI for Centers that Test Online

Preparation will continue toward the transition to GHI on September 26. Centers that test online will be receiving their assigned Org Unit ID, needed to install the DRC INSIGHT secure browser software, in the next 7 to 10 days by email and USPS. You can have both DRC INSIGHT and OAS installed on the same testing computers. Do not uninstall OAS and proceed with installing the DRC INSIGHT secure browser software on testing devices and download TASC Test technical documentation.


Utilize this additional time to encourage test center personnel and examinees to practice with the software using the Online Tools Training (OTT) practice environment. Public access to the OTT is  and must be accessed while using a chrome browser. 


The TASC Test Secure Zone ( contains all of the technical resources you need to prepare for online testing with the new DRC INSIGHT system, including:



Additional details will be forthcoming to guide your transition to TASC Test GHI. Please do not hesitate to contact the TASC Test Helpdesk with any questions at the email address or telephone number below. We look forward to assisting you.


TASC Test Help Desk, toll-free: 888-282-0589 (7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST)

Toll-free fax: 877-800-9389   Email:




Please click the following link for important new information from Data Recognition Corporation | CTB regarding the TASC ™ test: TASC - Important Updates (June 2016)



July 6, 2016


Dear TASC Readiness Assessment Administrators,


Data Recognition Corporation | CTB will be making the next generation of TASC Test forms available in late summer/early fall of this year and, in preparation, will also be releasing the next set of TASC Readiness Assessment forms. As with Readiness Assessment Forms 1-3, Readiness Assessment Forms 4 and 5 will provide those preparing to take TASC Test with scores showing each candidate’s expected performance level and likelihood of passing TASC Test.


Since Readiness Assessment Forms 4 and 5 will provide these predictions in relation to upcoming TASC Test Forms G, H, and I, DRC|CTB is prepared to replace your existing unused test materials from Readiness Assessment Forms 1-3 with the same quantity of new materials for Readiness Assessment Forms 4 and 5. The replacement materials will be provided at no cost to you.


In order to provide the replacement materials in the appropriate quantities and timeframe,  please complete the Readiness Assessment Replacement Materials form and return it to DRC|CTB by July 22 by scanning and emailing it or by faxing or mailing it to:


TASC Readiness Assessment Replacement Materials

Data Recognition Corporation | CTB

6901 N. Michigan Road

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Toll-free telephone: 888.282.0589, option 4 (7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST)

Toll-free fax 877.800.9389



We will use the quantity information you provide us with to prepare your replacement order. Once you receive your shipment of replacement materials, we request that you return your old materials to us (in the boxes used for the shipment of new materials) within 1 week of receipt of the new materials. A copy of the attached form will be enclosed with your shipment; DRC|CTB will also use the form to inventory your old materials upon receipt back at DRC|CTB. Pre-paid shipping labels will be provided to you for this purpose.


Important Timelines for Materials Replacements

July 8  Test Center receives Readiness Assessment Replacement Materials form

July 22 Test Center returns Readiness Assessment Replacement Materials form to DRC| CTB

July 29 Test Center receives confirmation of receipt of its Readiness Assessment Replacement Materials form and pre-paid shipping labels

~ August 15 Test Center receives replacement paper-based Readiness Assessment Materials

~ August 19 Test Center returns old Readiness Assessment Materials to DRC|CTB in same boxes


If you have any questions about this communication or need assistance in any way, please contact the TASC Test Help Desk at or by calling 888.282.0589, option 4. 


Thank you for choosing TASC Test and the TASC Readiness Assessment.




The TASC Test Readiness Assessment Team




July 7, 2016

New TASC™ test forms

The current TASC™ test forms (D, E, and F) will be retired on September 6, 2016. Testing with the new G, H, and I forms will begin in New York State on September 7, 2016.


Remove September 30, 2016



July 7, 2016

New TASC Readiness Assessments (Paper and Computer Based)

In conjunction with the implementation of the G, H and I TASC™ test forms, Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) will release two new paper TASC Readiness Assessments, by the end of August. DRC will release two computer-based Readiness Assessments by the end of October.


Remove November 1, 2016